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Immigration Reform Supporters Turn Extreme

They are young, politically active and not afraid of the consequences of their actions. They are part of a new generation of immigrants whose plight was not widely known by average Americans, at least not until they began to combine their right to free speech with civil disobedience and extreme behavior. These are the members of the Dream 30, a group of activists who resort to direct action and questionable antics to call attention to the need for immigration reform in the United States.

The Dream 30 are undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were children. It is hard to not think of them as Americans; they were raised and educated in the states, and they care deeply about their adopted country. Growing up undocumented, they learned about the realities of living a clandestine life in the United States. Working under the table, paying international tuition, being denied benefits, and hiding from immigration authorities are some of the facts of life for the Dream 30.

Earlier this year, the Dream 30 staged a border crossing into Mexico and then attempted to return to the U.S. without visas or documents. Most were detained and released, but others were kept in custody after they requested asylum. This border crossing illustrated the muddy state of affairs that American immigration policy has turned into. The Dream 30 knew that they could be deported, which has already happened to a few. Others are pending removal proceedings but have been released pending final resolutions.

The actions of the Dream 30 have spurred a wave of direct action protests by immigration activists who demand immediate enactment of the immigration reform legislation pending in Congress. A few of these protests have turned extreme with acts of civil disobedience such as trespassing, blocking traffic and disrupting enforcement operations. Quite a few activists have been arrested along with House Representatives who support them.

Although there have been no reports of violence connected with these extreme protests, these direct actions are not entirely beneficial to the ongoing debate on immigration reform. Some legal analysts argue that these extreme protests seem like desperate pleas at a time when constructive opinion should be provided to lawmakers who are currently reviewing the legislative proposals.

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April 2024