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How Does Immigration Benefit the U.S.?

According to the results of a July 2022 Gallup poll, immigration is a political issue that continues to divide voters in the United States. Nearly 40 percent of Americans would like to see a reduced flow of immigrants. The majority of those who support this idea identify as Republicans. Only 27 percent of Americans would …Read More

What Purposes Should Immigration Reform Serve?

Depending on who you ask, the last time the United States went through immigration reform was in either 1986 or 2012. This is a matter of political opinion because former President Ronald Reagan enacted a new path to naturalization, while former President Barack Obama implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. While these two …Read More

All about Immigration Stress

Many foreigners who decide to make the United States their new home do so with the intention of improving their lives. In the case of the thousands of Central American migrants escaping the violence and extreme poverty caused by the “War on Drugs,” they’re essentially fighting for survival, but this doesn’t mean they’re able to …Read More

Can Immigration Attorneys Make the Process Go Faster?

According to a 2022 report published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency is currently facing a backlog of 5.2 million applications for various benefits. This doesn’t include more than 8 million applications and petitions that are pending acknowledgement and adjudication, so the real backlog figure is closer to 13 million cases. …Read More

What Effect Does Immigration Have on Children?

In June 2022, executives from major American companies that operate in the technology sector signed a letter addressed to the United States Secretary of Homeland Security. The gist of their message was related to migrant families and how government policies can have a long-term impact on their lives. Specifically, the executives of Amazon, Google, IBM, …Read More

Have You Seen the New Eligible to Naturalize Fact Sheets?

When President Joe Biden took office in 2021, he arrived with a political agenda that was filled with plans to approach immigration issues in a modern and sustainable manner. Instead of trying to encourage comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, which is something previous administrations have failed to achieve, President Biden has been applying a strategy …Read More

Tips for Choosing an Immigration Attorney

In May 2022, attorneys from the United States Department of Justice are preparing to defend against a lawsuit filed by Jose Guerra-Castañeda, a citizen of El Salvador who was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from the Boston field office in 2019. Guerra-Castañeda spent months in an immigration detention facility in Louisiana before his …Read More

How to Get Your Green Card in Less than 90 Days

Ever since United States Citizenship and Immigration Services started publishing details about their processing backlogs in the mid-1990s, the issue has only gotten worse. This backlog was part of the inspiration behind the “Gang of Eight,” a group of American senators who proposed comprehensive immigration reform nearly two decades ago. President Joe Biden hasn’t made …Read More

How Often Are Marriage-Based Green Cards Denied?

Becoming the spouse of an American citizen is supposed to be one of the most straightforward methods of immigrating to the United States, particularly if the fiancé or fiancée is granted a K-1 visa for the purpose of getting married here. In most cases, these petitions are approved without incident. When they’re denied, it’s often …Read More

Questions to Expect in Immigration Interviews

The process of obtaining immigration benefits in the United States often involves sitting down for interviews conducted by individuals who will adjudicate your case. Depending on the type of visa or status you’re seeking, the interviews may be conducted by employees from Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or the American embassy. This doesn’t …Read More

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