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What Does Piecemeal Legislation Mean to Immigrants?

“Piecemeal” is the new buzzword in headlines and news articles coming out of Washington with regard to comprehensive immigration reform. Vice President Joseph Biden and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have spoken about a piecemeal approach that would be acceptable as a compromise. What does piecemeal legislation mean for immigrants and their legal or employment status in the United States?

The piecemeal approach happens to be one of the most encouraging and supportive stances that House Republicans have proposed on immigration. What it means is that Republican lawmakers are more receptive to split up the comprehensive proposal and tackle certain provisions step-by-step. Major topics of interest include providing an earned pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and protecting families from separation and ensuring the protection of US Citizen and migrant workers. Still have questions? Learn more about business employment immigration in San Diego and throughout the United States.

Piecemeal Conditions

President Barack Obama has voiced his support for the approach by remarking that he is mostly interested in seeing some level of legislative progress. However, some immigration activists are worried that yielding to the piecemeal approach could give Republicans an opportunity to stall one of the most important provisions: A reasonable path to citizenship. Approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants could benefit from this groundbreaking legislation, which has made House Republicans uncomfortable.

President Obama has clarified that the piecemeal approach makes sense as long as it does not leave out a path to citizenship. In late November, House Minority Leader Pelosi stated that she supports seeing immigration reform come to the floor in any way possible. Vice President Biden has been very optimistic about the piecemeal approach, and he is still confident that reform will soon pass.

Although at this point is seems that nothing will be passed by the end of 2013, activists are still pressing on and asking the Democratic Congress to remember the millions of immigrants whose futures depend on the passing of immigration reform. The Senate Democratic leadership seems to agree with the activists; a few Senators are insisting that the most important component of the piecemeal approach should be introduced first.

Activists are planning massive marches and voter registration drives for 2014. They are concerned that House Republicans may place too many conditions on the piecemeal legislative efforts and leave citizenship last. To this effect, Latino activists are planning to elect an overwhelming number of Democratic representatives next year.

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