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Tough Amendments in the Immigration Reform Bill Merit Greater Discussion

The current legislative proposal for comprehensive immigration reform is finally getting close to becoming a reality that could potentially allow millions of undocumented immigrants an opportunity to legally work for a living as they wait for residency and eventually citizenship. The proposal, however, is far from perfect and needs further discussion of some amendments that seem troubling. For more information about permanent employment immigration, click here.

Comprehensive immigration reform will require increased security at the borders and perhaps even biometric identification of those who apply for residency and naturalization. This has been called one of the tough compromises of immigration reform, but the most troubling details deal with access to special assistance programs. As the bill heads to the House of Representatives, the topics below will surely come up for debate:

The Cost of Border Security

Increased security along the land borders of the United States will require increased spending and higher budgets for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. Not all lawmakers are happy with this compromise, and many argue that taxpayer funds could be put to better use.

Medical Benefits

Certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act would become off-limits to immigrants for about 10 year under the current immigration bill. This would include emergency Medicaid health coverage. Some House Representatives have even suggested that immigrants who are not able to pay their medical bills should be considered for deportation and eventual removal.

Tax Credits

Some of the credits that American taxpayers currently enjoyed could be placed out of reach for immigrants until their status is adjusted to reflect their residency or citizenship. In fact, some lawmakers have called for the Social Security accounts of undocumented immigrants to be reset down to zero without regard for previous contributions made.

Although the current immigration reform proposal has been lauded due to its amnesty-like provisions, many observers are concerned that the tough compromises related to medical benefits and tax credits are beyond tough.

If you would like more information or have any questions concerning the amendments in the Immigration Reform Bill, reach out to the San Diego immigration lawyers and Kazmi and Sakata Immigration law. We have stayed up to date with the proposals in the current immigration debate and would be happy to answer any of your questions or provide assistance with immigration documents.

May 2024