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Here Are Four Reasons You Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Many of the forms, guides, and brochures published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) explain to readers that the process of becoming a legal resident can be accomplished without the assistance of an attorney. While this is true for many immigrants whose cases are simple and whose backgrounds are not tinged with complexities, there are various situations that call for the work of a seasoned green card attorney.

1. Delayed Petitions

This is one of the most common reasons immigrants retain attorneys. The USCIS is a massive bureaucracy in serious need of reform that never arrives, and thus a staggering amount of cases are routinely delayed due to numerous circumstances such as: lost paperwork, closed offices, transferred cases, and erroneously reviewed files. USCIS offices and service centers have inquiry lines exclusively for the use of attorneys; these lines may not offer express or expert service, but they tend to be more effective than the poor customer service offered to applicants.

2. Inadmissible Status

This situation can arise at consulates, borders, or even within the U.S. Inadmissibility is a major obstacle in the immigration process, but it is not final. A skilled attorney may be able to find flaws in the determination of inadmissibility. In some cases, would-be immigrants are denied admissions for crimes they were not convicted of or because they mistakenly submitted incorrect information to the USCIS.

3. Removal and Deportation

When USCIS and Border Patrol agents are deployed nationwide to execute deportation orders, many immigrants are ensnared and removed unjustly. In the U.S., a deportation is only final with a court order, which means that immigrants should be given the right to challenge the decision through due process. Self-representation is never a good idea in immigration court, and it is nearly impossible for an immigrant to go through the appeal process without an attorney.

4. When Paperwork Proves to Be Too Much

The USCIS believes that most applicants should be able to submit petitions and complete the process on their own. The reality is that many petitions are submitted with mistakes that result in delays and rejections. Immigration attorneys can alleviate the process by completing applications through special software that analyzes the input and minimizes potential errors.

If you’re seeking the assistance of an immigration attorney in San Diego, don’t hesitate to call KS Visa Law at (858) 874-0711. We offer free immigration consultations to answer any questions you may have and help you on your journey to citizenship.

April 2024