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Four of the Most Common Green Card Mistakes

When foreigners retain an immigration attorney, they often do so only after making a mistake that ends up delaying or compromising their legal residency status in the United States.

In some cases, an immigrant applying for a green card could end up completing up to nine forms before an approval can be issued. According to estimates by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), completing green card application forms could take as long as 21 hours, and a single mistake could end up delaying approval for several months.

Here are the four most common mistakes that prompt immigrants to seek the assistance of a green card lawyer in San Diego:

1. Incorrect Application Path

When it comes to getting a green card, the USCIS does not have a single path for immigrants to follow. Although the goal is to reach a position that allows for the filing of a request for adjustment of status, the process that precedes this request will depend on how the immigrant entered the country. If the immigrant status is questionable, the application path may require waivers and the pursuit of special programs through an attorney.

2. Documentation

On any given day, hundreds of green card applications are delayed or placed on hold due to issues related to supporting documents. The USCIS often needs translations of official documents with legal stamps, and this requirement is not easy to fulfill. Additionally, a background check may reveal an arrest that did not end up in court, which could be seen as an unresolved legal issue.

3. Change of Address

It is amazing to learn about the high number of green card applications that are held up or denied just because of missed correspondence. A simple change of address that was never recorded could spell trouble for applicants, but this can be avoided by having all correspondence mailed to a San Diego immigration law firm.

4. Exiting the Country

Most immigration attorneys tell their clients to stay in the U.S. as long as they can during the application process. Without proper legal advice, many immigrants will leave the U.S. to handle important affairs back home and are surprised when they are not allowed to return. In some cases, they simply don’t have the proper authorization documents, which can be obtained by their attorneys.

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April 2024