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Category Archives: Green Cards

Can You Fly without a Passport if You Have a Green Card?

For many immigrants who come from countries that issue national identity documents, getting their residency cards from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is something they’re familiar with. Whether your green card denotes conditional or permanent residency status, this official document can serve various purposes, and this includes air travel. The San Diego immigration attorneys …Read More

How to Get Your Green Card in Less than 90 Days

Ever since United States Citizenship and Immigration Services started publishing details about their processing backlogs in the mid-1990s, the issue has only gotten worse. This backlog was part of the inspiration behind the “Gang of Eight,” a group of American senators who proposed comprehensive immigration reform nearly two decades ago. President Joe Biden hasn’t made …Read More

How Often Are Marriage-Based Green Cards Denied?

Becoming the spouse of an American citizen is supposed to be one of the most straightforward methods of immigrating to the United States, particularly if the fiancé or fiancée is granted a K-1 visa for the purpose of getting married here. In most cases, these petitions are approved without incident. When they’re denied, it’s often …Read More

Is It Possible for Illegal Immigrants to Get Green Cards?

In June 2021, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in a case filed by an immigrant from El Salvador whose green card application was rejected in 2014. At the heart of this case was a claim by the immigrant that his Temporary Protected Status (TPS) made him eligible for permanent residence even though …Read More

Costs Involved in Obtaining a Green Card

When the Taliban insurgency deposed the democratic government of Afghanistan in August 2021, international news media outlets broadcast frantic scenes of desperation as thousands rushed Kabul International Airport hoping to board evacuation flights. In one segment aired by BBC News, an Afghan man trying to enter the airport showed his green card, which he had …Read More

Common Reasons Green Card Applications Are Denied

In a constitutional representative republic such as the United States, individuals have rights, responsibilities, and privileges. Freedom of speech is an example of a civil right. Compliance with tax laws is a responsibility. Getting a driver’s license is a privilege. Foreigners who wish to reside and work in the U.S. hope that one day they’ll …Read More

Is Getting My Green Card Like Visiting the DMV?

The United States used to be considered a global leader in terms of general efficiency. This is the image that comes to mind because of the military victories of World War II, the rebuilding of European alliances after the war, the Apollo space program, the establishment of Detroit as the automaking capital of the world, …Read More

How Long Does It Take to Get a Marriage Green Card?

Obtaining a green card by means of marrying a citizen of the United States is usually thought of as the fastest path toward legal residency. The only other path that would be faster involves joining the military during wartime. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a foreign spouse living in the U.S. could …Read More

Can Green Card Holders Be Deported?

Ever since United States President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, he has been trying to make good on his campaign promise to deport as many “illegal aliens” as possible. The numbers of foreigners removed from the country in recent years are significant, but the way they’re reported by immigration officials and the White …Read More

What Is the Time Frame for Getting Green Cards?

In the middle of March 2020, federal government agencies in the United States published a series of announcements related to how they intend to operate in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of immigrants applying for residency status, Citizenship and Immigration Services issued an important clarification: testing positive for the coronavirus wouldn’t …Read More

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