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Learn About the H-1B Visa Requirements

The H-1B visa is a special kind of program that straddles the line between temporary and permanent immigration to the United States. Technically, the H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant program that fulfills an important economic purpose. However, immigration officials know that H-1B visa recipients often consider making the U.S. a more permanent home. The most …Read More

What Happens After an Immigration Interview

According to San Diego immigration attorneys, to receive some of the benefits offered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the Department of State (DOS), you will need to be interviewed by a case evaluator. If you are applying for a visa issued at a consular office abroad, there is a strong …Read More

DUI Convictions and Immigration Status

Over the last few decades, the issue of DUI enforcement has affected various spheres of American society, including the immigration process. With regard to immigration, three potentially negative outcomes may arise: – Inadmissibility – Deportation – Disqualification from naturalization The problem with DUI convictions is that most states classify them as a criminal offense. Despite …Read More

Understanding the 30/60/90 Rule in Marriage-Based Immigration

Successful immigration to the United States depends on two major factors: compliance and intent. The compliance factor consists of doing things exactly as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services stipulate, which means navigating a complex and bureaucratic path to legal residency. The intent factor largely consists of overcoming suspicions, particularly when it comes to marriage-based visas. …Read More

Top 6 Reasons Visas Get Denied

According to a 2013 report issued by the travel section of the Department of State, the rejection rate of B-visas, which are of a non-immigrant category, was higher than 60 percent for countries such as Afghanistan and Cuba. You may think that such visa refusal rates are related to conflict between the U.S. and those …Read More

Is It Possible to Return to the U.S. After Being Deported?

Foreigners who are deported from the United States can expect a complicated process if they decide they want to come back. The worst thing a deported immigrant can do is to seek illegal reentry, which in many cases is not necessary. In fact, many foreigners who believe they are not allowed to return to the …Read More

The Impact of Immigration on Child Welfare

In the endless debate about what should be done with regard to undocumented immigrants in the United States, stakeholders rarely stop to think about the impact of enforcement as it relates to child welfare. According to First Focus, a bipartisan group that advocates for the consideration of children and families in all aspects of federal …Read More

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