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Questions to Expect in Immigration Interviews

The process of obtaining immigration benefits in the United States often involves sitting down for interviews conducted by individuals who will adjudicate your case. Depending on the type of visa or status you’re seeking, the interviews may be conducted by employees from Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or the American embassy. This doesn’t apply to everyone. Some foreigners whose relatives sponsor them for green cards don’t have to sit through interviews if they’re waived, but they’ll later do so if they decide to pursue the naturalization process to become American citizens.

Marriage-based green card petitions are the ones most commonly associated with interviews, which are generally conducted as a couple but can also feature separate questioning sessions. Law firms that specialize in immigration services in San Diego, CA, usually inform their clients about the likelihood of having to sit through interviews. Moreover, they prepare and coach applicants on the kinds of questions they can expect. With this in mind, here are some of the most common immigration interview questions.

Questions about Yourself

The following questions are generally asked prior to the issuance of a visa or adjustment of status. These are personal questions that seek to confirm the validity of the information you’ve provided on application or petition forms:

• What are the full names of your parents?

What is your address?
• Where were you born?
• Where have you lived over the last five years?
• How many of your relatives live in the U.S.?
• Have you served in the military, on a police force, or in the diplomatic corps?
• What citizenships do you hold?
• What are all the countries you have visited or lived in?

Questions about Relationships

As previously mentioned, interviews are guaranteed in the marriage-based immigration process, and they invariably feature numerous questions adjudicators believe should be easily answered by married couples. There could be dozens or even hundreds of these questions. Here are just a few:

• When was your first date?
• Who was the first to propose marriage?

  • What is your address?
  • What is your spouse’s birthday?

When were you married?
• How many guests were at the wedding?
• What are the full names of your in-laws?
• Where does your spouse work?
• Who paid for the honeymoon?
• At what time does your spouse usually get home from work?
• What are the addresses of the places where you have lived together?
• How long have you known each other?

Questions about Moral Character

The adjudication of immigration cases requires applicants to be of good moral character. Aside from ruling out moral turpitude, these questions also seek to flush out the possibility of immigration fraud:

• Have you ever been arrested?
• Why do you want to live in the U.S.?
• What religious or political activism organizations do you belong to?
• How do you feel about abiding by American laws?
• Why do you want to become a U.S. citizen?
• Do you have any felonies on your criminal record?

If you’re expecting to be interviewed for an immigration matter or you’ve already been interviewed and need advice about what steps to take next, reach out to the caring, experienced San Diego immigration attorneys at KS Visa Law. From green cards to family immigration to naturalization, we can address all your immigration-related needs. Call us today at 858-874-0711 to schedule an appointment.

April 2024