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Other Ways To Get Green Card in San Diego, CA

Alternative Ways to Acquire a Green Card

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is typically besieged by hundreds of thousands of green card petitions, which are usually submitted based on family relationships, work status or marriage; however, these are not the only immigrants who become residents in the U.S.

The Special Immigrant program of the USCIS has greatly expanded over the years, and it covers non-traditional paths to residency. Here are some of the special situations handled through this program; a few of them may require expert handling by a seasoned immigration lawyer in San Diego.

Immigrants in the U.S. Armed Forces

Up until the Reagan and George H. Bush administration, some immigrants serving in the U.S. military could still face deportation even while they were in a combat zone. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. These days, the USCIS has a special division to streamline green cards for immigrants on active, reserve or veteran military status.

Humanitarian Visas

The Temporary Protected Status program allows immigrants from nations that have been besieged by catastrophe or violence to enter the U.S. for a certain period of time. Other humanitarian visa programs that may lead to green cards include asylum, refugee protection and rescued victims of human trafficking. Admission and work permits tend to be processed quickly for these immigrants, but residency could be more difficult to obtain.

Panama Canal Employees

This program must adhere to the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977, which means that the immigrant must show proof of having worked for the Panama Canal Company during a certain time period.

Special Journalists

Some foreign journalists interested in working for the International Broadcasting Bureau of the United States can apply for green cards under the sponsorship of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Only 100 of these visas are allowed each year; the work will be performed mostly under the Voice of America, which promotes U.S. interests overseas.

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