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Common Issues When Applying for a U.S. Work Visa

Compared to other visa programs in the United States, the H-1B approval process presents a few layers of complexity and bureaucracy. If you are a foreign job applicant, you will only have to deal with about half of all the H-1B hurdles; the rest will be handled by your future employer and the immigration law firm retained for this purpose. With this in mind, here are the most common issues you may encounter as you seek approval of an American work visa.

Interview Process

If the American company agrees to interview you via Skype or Slack sessions, you must prepare for the visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in your country of origin.

This may sound paradoxical, but you will have to present yourself in a way that shows that you do not actually need the job that you are applying for. This means that you must present a financial situation that suggests you have enough funds to suddenly quit your job and return at any time without even thinking about staying in the U.S. The San Diego immigration lawyer working with your American employer can coach you on this.

Education Level

Although the H-1B rules suggest that you can get a visa without a bachelor’s degree, you must keep in mind that there are annual quotas that may prevent you from getting a visa without a degree. In fact, high preference is given to applicants who have Master of Science degrees issued by American universities.

Immigration Scams

You should carefully evaluate any offers of assistance from people in your country who claim that they can help you get an H-1B visa. To this effect, you should only follow the instructions of your potential employer and his or her legal representatives. Be careful not to send any funds through international wire transfers unless you are retaining an American lawyer. The firm that will hire you will usually take care of all filing and legal fees.

Avoid these and other common issues associated with work visa applications by contacting KS Visa Law in San Diego at (858) 874-0711 today. Our expert immigration attorneys will help you through the application process and explain alternative routes you can take to acquire a U.S. visa.

May 2024