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DHS Considering “Known Employer” Pilot Program

The Department of Homeland Security is currently considering a “Known Employer” pilot program, designed to help make the process for certain employment-based visas more effective. If launched by the end of 2015, the Known Employer program could have a dramatic impact on the processing of employment-based visas, reducing the amount of paperwork required, as well as the costs of the visas themselves.

Details of the Program

The program, implemented by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Customs and Border Protection, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, hopes to help reduce delays for the Department of Homeland Security and for employers in the United States who wish to employ foreign workers.

However, the underlying purpose of the pilot program would be to facilitate business travel between the United States and Canada by speeding up the process for legitimate business travel along the northern border ports of entry. This goal has been memorialized in the North American Free Trade Agreement, and is also a commitment that is part of the United States-Canada “Beyond the Border” initiative

About Beyond the Border

On December 7, 2011, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Harper announced this joint declaration. The initiative focused on cooperation between the two countries that would help address security concerns and threats at the border. It also emphasized the expedition of lawful trade and travel.

One method by which the two countries believed that the above-mentioned goals could be accomplished was to explore the possibility of using a trusted employer concept to assist with business travel between the United States and Canada. The initiative was updated on December 19, 2013 with the release of the Beyond the Border Implementation report that summarizes the progress made since the program was launched.

Questions about the Known Employer Program?

If you are currently looking to bring in skilled workers to supplement your business or are interested in how the Known Employer program may directly affect your business should it be initiated by its expected end of 2015 date, reach out to the immigration attorneys San Diego businesses trust – Kazmi and Sakata. We offer free immigration consultations and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 858-874-0711 and request your consultation.

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