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Despite Focus on Syria, Immigration Reform Talks Continue in Congress

The topic of possible military intervention against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has dominated Congress over the last couple of weeks, but immigration reform is an issue that is still very much on the table. In early August, Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) commented that the immigration reform debate was going in the right direction at the House of Representatives.

One of the strongest business benefits granted by the immigration reform proposal has been called into question by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). According to Senator Sessions, business groups lobbying on behalf of immigration reform are very happy to learn about the increased number of business immigration guest workers that would be allowed in the U.S. in years to come. By 2033, per Senator Sessions’ estimates, the number of unskilled immigrant workers and their families living in the U.S. would be higher than 45 million.

The private business sector in the U.S. will certainly benefit from having more unskilled labor to choose from, but Senator Sessions is concerned about reports from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that suggest an overall decrease of wages and wealth across the country. Per the dynamics of supply and demand, employers that fail to attract workers must either raise their wages or take advantage of immigrant guest workers.

Senator Sessions argues that immigration reform fails in the sense that it would give the private sector a large supply of unskilled immigrant workers, which could in turn freeze wages and cause families to lose their chance at upward mobility and wealth-building. To learn about the current specifications for immigration under specialty occupations in San Diego, click here.

Industries such as agriculture and hospitality stand to gain the most from immigration reform since they employ large numbers of unskilled workers. They may control supply and demand to a certain extent, but they do not set the federal or state minimum wages. Such matters are left to legislators, which is why immigration reform must be complemented with a good look at minimum wages.

One of the most immediate benefits that immigration reform brings is to transform undocumented immigrants into legal workers and taxpayers. Legislators need to keep in mind, however, that these immigrants could see their jobs threatened by future unskilled immigrants. A careful balance must be achieved in this regard.

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December 2023