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Category Archives: Asylum

How to Check on the Status of an Application for Asylum

The immigration crisis the United States has experienced since President Donald Trump took office in 2017 has been particularly difficult for foreigners seeking asylum. According to a recent investigative report published by the San Diego Union-Tribune, there will be 80,000 asylum seekers turned back at the border and stranded in Mexico by the end of …Read More

10 Things That Indicate Fraud in Asylum Applications

Fraud and misrepresentation are two issues that can compromise any immigration benefit, including asylum petitions. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) constantly checks for fraud in the petitions they review, the interviews they conduct, and the documents they evaluate. A fraudulent asylum petition could result in an immediate order for deportation handled by …Read More

How to Obtain Asylum in the United States

Compared to many African, Asian and European nations, the United States does not accept as many individuals in need of refuge or asylum. The U.S. overseas initiates the refugee program, and it includes economic assistance and protection to leave the dangerous conditions in the refugees’ countries of origin. Foreigners who fail to obtain refugee status …Read More

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