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What Makes a Prime Candidate for a U.S. Worker’s Visa?

When it comes to employment-based visas, the United States offers prospective foreign workers more non-immigrant than immigrant opportunities. This means that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes it easier for American employers to seek foreign workers using temporary employment immigration in San Diego as long as their sole intention is to complete an assignment and return to their countries of origin.

There are more than a dozen visas available to foreigners who wish to work in the U.S., and the majority of these visas fall within the non-immigrant category. The employment-based immigrant visa places greater burdens and commitments on the applicants, which means that good candidates are those foreign applicants whose profiles indicate no desire to stay in the U.S.

Each non-immigrant work visa has certain requirements that determine who can be considered a good candidate. For example, good H-1B visa candidates must have university diplomas that support a specialty occupation. In this case, candidates will improve their visa approval chances if they have previously visited the U.S. on a tourism visa and did not overstay. The same goes for an H-2A temporary agricultural worker who has previously returned to his or her country at the end of harvest season.

Good candidates for J-1 Visitor Exchange visas are those whose intention to work in the U.S. is of an academic and pedagogic nature. To this effect, teachers, child care workers, professors, physicians, and researchers are preferred, particularly when they are actively employed in their countries of origin and their salaries at home exceed what they expect to earn in the U.S.

The TN-1 visa is specific to skilled Canadian workers, but the specialty fields are not as strict as the H-1B. In this case, a good candidate would be someone who is able to produce an employment contract from a company that is reputable and stable enough to stay in business for at least three years.

In the end, unless applicants specifically need to apply for EB immigrant visas, the best candidates will be non-immigrants who present an economic advantage to the U.S. and who can be trusted to not overstay their visas.

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May 2024