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4 Major Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship status, also known as dual nationality, is a legal and civil condition that allows individuals to access and enjoy certain benefits offered by sovereign jurisdictions. In essence, dual citizenship is obtained by foreigners who immigrate to another country that will allow them to retain their birthright nationality when they become naturalized citizens. Many nations, including the United States, offer dual citizenship. Others, such as Chile and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, do not. In some cases, more than two citizenships may be allowed. However, some situations may require individuals to surrender one nationality to obtain another one. The trusted San Diego naturalization lawyers at KS Visa Law share four benefits of dual citizenship that immigrants in the United States may be able to enjoy once they achieve this status.

1. Cultural Experience

This is perhaps the most valuable benefit, and not just on a personal level. Dual citizens who have close connections to their countries are considered cultural ambassadors in the communities where they choose to live. Raising multicultural families who speak more than one language and practice traditions from other parts of the world contributes to the global village trend of the 21st century. A 2009 study by researchers at the University of California Irvine determined dual citizenship has resulted in positive economic effects in many American communities.

2. Passport and Travel Benefits

Citizens have the right to apply for passports, which means dual citizenship holders can become dual passport holders. Depending on the destination and itinerary, traveling with two passports can be a great advantage. For example, a traveler who holds German and American passports will be able to visit most countries in the world without having to apply for tourist visas in advance. As of early 2018, German passports are ranked as the most desirable, while American passports are in fifth place. One word of advice to naturalized U.S. citizens: never attempt to enter the country with a foreign passport. A dual German and American citizen who loses his or her passport while visiting relatives in Hamburg should report the loss to the U.S. Consulate and obtain a travel document instead of trying to enter with a German passport. 

3. Social, Educational, and Professional Benefits

Most dual citizens are entitled to receive retirement and medical benefits from their respective countries. Moreover, they can also apply for scholarships and tuition assistance that is often out of reach for foreign students. Work restrictions are virtually unheard of for dual citizens since they can easily obtain taxpayer identification numbers for the purpose of making contributions based on their income.

4. Real Estate Ownership

A few countries, including Costa Rica, have amended their laws to remove property ownership restrictions on foreigners. However, such restrictions can still be found in many other nations. Dual citizens are free to hold real estate in their countries without having to worry about barriers or encumbrances.

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May 2024