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Can Immigration Attorneys Make the Process Go Faster?

According to a 2022 report published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency is currently facing a backlog of 5.2 million applications for various benefits. This doesn’t include more than 8 million applications and petitions that are pending acknowledgement and adjudication, so the real backlog figure is closer to 13 million cases. USCIS directors plan to hire 4,000 new employees over the next few months to alleviate this situation.

Handling Inefficiency in the System

Immigration policy experts argue that one of the biggest problems USCIS faces is directly related to application fees. USCIS directors are asking for an increase in application fees, and their reasoning is that they need more money to reduce the backlog. The problem with this rationale is that it effectively rewards inefficiency. If USCIS could find a way to make processing times shorter and the processes themselves simpler, fees would logically need to be reduced. It really doesn’t make sense for USCIS to offer expedited processing at exorbitant fees when they’re dealing with a backlog of more than 10 million cases.

USCIS is an overburdened federal agency that operates according to visa quotas, processing times, and waiting periods. The agency tries to deliver results within the processing and waiting times they formulate, but the aforementioned backlog shows a clear lack of efficiency. Retaining immigration lawyers in San Diego, CA, to handle your affairs won’t magically do away with this inefficiency, but it can certainly speed things up by preventing certain issues.

Preventing Application Errors

Submitting a flawless application package is the first step in avoiding snags in the immigration process. A single mistake on a petition or an immigration form can send your case to the backlog pile, and this is something immigration attorneys excel at preventing. In some cases, your lawyer can figure out if the benefit you’re seeking can be obtained through a more expedient process. For example, if you started out as an asylum seeker and later married an American citizen, you may qualify for a marriage-based green card, which tends to be a faster process.

Staying Up to Date on Changes in the Process

Another way immigration law firms are often able to speed things up for their clients is by staying on top of changes, new programs, and initiatives. Quite a few foreigners who aren’t represented by immigration attorneys often miss out on special programs that USCIS officials roll out as a means of reducing their backlog. At the same time, some changes require applicants to submit new forms to take advantage of faster processing, and immigration lawyers usually absorb and implement this information long before it starts circulating in public.

Finally, there’s also the matter of expedited processing that USCIS offers on a limited basis for business- and work-based visa applicants. Immigration law firms know the considerably higher fees required to expedite processing requests can easily be lost if certain information and specific documents aren’t filed in a timely manner. Seasoned attorneys also know when paying these additional fees is actually worth the expense and effort.

If you have questions about immigration services in San Diego and how you can speed up the process, contact the premier immigration attorneys at KS Visa Law. We have vast experience with every aspect of immigration law, and we’re the attorneys to call on when you need the most up-to-date information about immigration regulations. Call KS Visa Law today at 858-874-0711 to schedule an appointment.

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