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Political Turmoil Surrounds Immigration Lawsuit in the United States

As various legal challenges prevent carrying out the Executive Action on Immigration issued by President Barack Obama in November of 2014, the topic of immigration reform in the United States has become deeply political. The impasse that the White House sought to overcome with the Executive Action has actually become more pronounced as several state governors seek to take away the proposed protection from deportation that could benefit millions of undocumented immigrants.

As it stands, the Executive Action on Immigration has essentially divided the country as 26 state governors filed a class-action lawsuit that was led by Texas, a conservative border state where a sizable immigrant population can be found. By effectively ordering immigration actions to be immediately halted, a Federal District judge in Texas ruled in favor of the 26 plaintiffs. However, White House attorneys are quickly maneuvering around this temporary block.

The case will now be heard before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and there is a strong likelihood that the lawsuit will eventually find its way to the Supreme Court. Under normal circumstances, this lawsuit could take a very long time to be decided; however, in light of the gravity of the matter, the White House legal team is doing everything possible to speed up their defense.

A request by the White House to fast-track the case has been granted by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. On April 17th, this appellate court will start hearing oral arguments on this case. To a certain extent, this is good news for undocumented immigrants who hope to enroll in programs such as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The fact that this appellate court, which is often considered to be of a conservative mindset, agreed to fast-track the case means that the judges believe that this a very important matter that deserves immediate attention.

In the meantime, Justice Department officials are still petitioning the Federal District to allow temporary relief from deportation as well as the registration of undocumented immigrants into programs that will allow them to get identification documents and work permits. Although this is a highly political issue that is invoking grandstanding from those who oppose immigration reform, affected immigrants should not give up hope in this regard; in fact, they should stay in touch with their law firms to learn more about how the case is progressing.

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