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When Should I Hire an Immigration Attorney?

The process of obtaining or maintaining your rights as an immigrant shouldn’t be hard. However, there are situations that may arise that could pose a threat to your newfound freedom. These situations can cause a disruption in your income, residency, and family status.

Ways an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

You may be a new resident or employee in the United States or a long-term resident or employee. Whatever your status is, an immigration lawyer in San Diego can help you achieve your goals or fight to protect your rights. Immigration lawyers will work with you on the following:

• Employment Visa – This process can be delayed when you don’t have the required documents to prove your employment status with a U.S. employer.

• Marriage Visas – When you don’t have substantial proof of residency and a fiancé visa, your marriage can be delayed until appropriate documentation is submitted to the agency.

• Asylum – The services of an immigration lawyer are important due to the asylum application deadline. An immigration lawyer can help ensure that the application is filled out correctly and that you are advised about the approval process.

• Green Card – If you’ve applied for a green card and have been denied because you didn’t understand the permanent residency approval process, an immigration lawyer can help simplify the application process for you.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer

If you’re confused about what you need to do as an immigrant, you should contact a lawyer who has experience handling immigration cases. By doing so, you can save yourself time and frustration, especially if there’s a possibility your application may be denied. An immigrant lawyer can help speed up the process by reviewing your documents for errors and advise you about the steps you need to take to remain in the United States. Make an appointment with a free consultation immigration lawyer in San Diego by calling (858) 874-0711 today.

May 2024