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Tips for Writing a Letter of Appreciation to Your Immigration Attorney

If your immigration law firm was able to help you with a delicate matter, chances are you want to show your appreciation. By virtue of their chosen field of practice, immigration attorneys know about the difficulties their clients face, particularly in cases related to asylum, deportation, detention, and family-based immigration. San Diego immigration lawyers derive great satisfaction from their work, especially when they’re able to help their clients overcome the odds. Getting a written message of gratitude is certainly always appreciated.

Getting Started

When you sit down to write a thank-you message to your immigration attorney, take a moment to think about how much your life has improved because of the law firm’s work. Let’s say you got married overseas without knowing the best method for marriage-based immigration is to file a K-1 visa application and conduct the wedding in the United States. If your lawyer was able to bring your stranded spouse into the country, make sure to mention this in your letter.

Your Letter as a Testimonial

Client recommendations are like gold for all law firms, particularly those that practice in complex areas such as immigration. If you want your letter to be used by the law firm as a formal recommendation or endorsement, say so explicitly in a separate paragraph. If you’re writing in a language other than English, you may want to give the firm permission to use a translated version of your recommendation so it can be posted on the law firm’s website, included in a newsletter, or framed and displayed at their office.

Forms of Presentation

Emails and direct messages are fine, but there’s nothing like the feeling of receiving a letter written on paper. Your letter doesn’t have to be handwritten. You can type it on a computer and print it out, but make sure to personalize it with your signature and a short greeting in your own handwriting. A colorful thank-you card is also a nice touch because it can be displayed on a desk and shared with other staff members at the office.

Format to Follow

When it comes to expressing gratitude, sincerity is always the most important element, but you can also follow this simple format for thank-you letters:

Start off by explaining what you’re grateful for.

  • Include some specifics about how the law firm’s work, guidance, and experience were helpful in your case.
  • Write about how you felt when you or your relative finally arrived in the U.S. or about all the things you’ve been able to accomplish since you received your green card.
  • For a conclusion, you can use standard closing phrases such as “best wishes,” “sincerely,” and “thank you again.” If you feel inspired to include some emotion, don’t be afraid to write it out. Your attorney will know if it should be excluded from a testimonial.

Although immigration attorneys find a great deal of reward in their work, it’s always nice to hear their efforts are appreciated, and sending your lawyer a sincere letter of thanks is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. If you need reliable, high-quality legal advice about San Diego immigration issues, reach out to the immigration law experts at KS Visa Law. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 858-874-0711.

May 2024