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What Happens If Fraudulent Intent Is Discovered?

Case evaluators with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) tend to review all applications with a certain degree of suspicion and mistrust. Fraud, dual intent, willful misrepresentation, and preconceived intent are all concepts explained in the laws and rules that govern U.S. immigration. When USCIS evaluators believe they have run into a case tarnished by fraudulent intent, the application process may be derailed.

Fraudulent intent can be declared at any stage of the application process and for any number of reasons. For example, a tourist who decides to stay in the U.S. and files for temporary residence may be perceived as operating with dual intent. The same can be said about sham marriages, false information provided on immigration applications, fake documents, and dubious statements made during interviews.

In many cases, fraudulent intent is detected through confusion or ambiguity in the application. To this effect, it is highly recommended that applicants consult immigration attorneys in San Diego who can guide them through the process and ensure all forms are submitted correctly and supporting documentation will not increase suspicions.

Should fraudulent misrepresentation be found, the best course of action is to contact a green card attorney in San Diego if not already working with one. In some cases, the fraudulent intent may not be fraudulent after all, but it may require an explanation by legal counsel.

Fraudulent intent can be devastating for applicants. When willful misrepresentation is determined by USCIS evaluators, applications could be denied, criminal charges could be filed, deportations may be ordered, and the right to re-enter the United States could be denied for many years. Given the extensive consequences, fraudulent intent is something that all foreigners interested in the immigration process should avoid throughout the immigration process.

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July 2024