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Steps for Finding a Reliable Immigration Lawyer in San Diego

Until Members of Congress can set aside their political differences and agree on comprehensive reform, the immigration process in the United States will continue to be complex and intricate. In the meantime, immigrants in San Diego can still rely on legal professionals to help them obtain certain benefits such as work permits, visas for relatives, naturalization, residency, etc.

Permanent immigration is a delicate matter; for this reason, immigrants should be careful when looking for an immigration lawyer in San Diego. Those who wish to sponsor their foreign-born spouses and children will need not just a good attorney; they will need a great attorney. These are the steps to follow to find one:

  • Step 1: Look for Personal References

    Personal references make all the difference. An immigrant’s testimonial of a positive experience with a certain attorney or law firm can be very valuable. You can use testimonials to learn more about a prospective immigration attorney, such as cases similar to yours that were successfully argued before the USCIS, or if the attorney is fluent in the native languages of his or her clients.

  • Step 2: Research the Attorney’s Qualifications

    Without exception, immigrants should query the State Bar of California about the immigration attorneys they plan to retain. The State Bar lists important information such as whether attorneys are actually admitted to practice in the Golden State, if they are certified specialists in the fields of immigration and naturalization, and if they have been disciplined for matters related to their practice.

  • Step 3: Look into Personal Interests

    Language and qualifications are just the beginning of an immigration attorney search. Experience and personal interest in their practice are two professional aspects that make great immigration lawyers. To this effect, immigrants should inquire about organizations that attorneys belong to; for example, regional and national bar associations related to immigration, legal aid societies, activist groups, etc.

  • Step 4: Request a Consultation

    While it is good to see a lawyer who is aggressive in advocating the rights of their clients and of immigrants in general, it’s important that you are able to speak to the attorney over the phone or in person to make sure they are the right fit for your case. Getting to know your attorney can help ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for reliable and professional immigration attorneys in San Diego, CA, contact KS Visa Law today.  Attorneys Harun Kazmi and Cliff Sakata practice immigration law, and can provide advice and assistance in a number of immigration matters ranging from temporary employment immigration to naturalization. Call 858-874-0711 and schedule your complimentary, immigration consultation today.

July 2024