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Special Naturalization Services Set for July 4th

The Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The historic document declared the thirteen American colonies were independent of Great Britain and gave birth to a new nation.

Becoming a citizen of this nation is a monumental event in the lives of immigrants who travel here to begin a new life. Taking the oath of citizenship on the day the United States celebrates its birth adds even greater significance to that special moment.

Recognizing this, the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service holds special citizen naturalization services throughout the country on July 4th every year. This year, the agency is expected to welcome almost 9,000 new citizens in more than 100 citizen naturalization ceremonies from June 30 to July 4.

American citizenship is one of the most coveted statuses in the world. New citizens have the right to vote and can be employed by the federal government. They also can run for elected office and obtain a U.S. passport, which in addition to traveling gives people the right to seek assistance at any U.S. consulate or embassy worldwide.

Generally, to become a citizen of the United State, immigrants first must have a U.S. Permanent Resident Card (USCIS Form I-551), also known as a “green card,” for five years. If the person marries a U.S. citizen, that time period is reduced to three years.

Immigrants also must pass difficult tests measuring their English language skills and knowledge of U.S. government and history, in addition to paying a substantial fee. The citizen naturalization ceremony marks the end of a long process of commitment, hard work, and sacrifice, and becoming a citizen on July 4th makes it that much more special.

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