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Common Reasons People Immigrate to the U.S. Nowadays

In November 2021, a truck loaded with migrants headed toward the United States flipped over while traveling on a highway in southern Mexico. The accident resulted in the deaths of 55 migrants who were mostly from Central America. Some of them had planned to apply for asylum, while others had probably intended to make an illegal border crossing. This tragedy was a grim reminder of the state of immigration in the U.S. today. President Joe Biden has directly addressed migrants and asked them to refrain from coming here because of the coronavirus pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped caravans from advancing toward the southern border.

When we look at U.S. immigration trends over the last few years, we can see various dynamics at work. For all the news media attention paid to the plight of refugees and asylum seekers, these two groups are actually in the minority with regard to overall immigration. To begin to understand immigration in this country, immigration lawyers in San Diego suggest looking at some of the top reasons individuals have for coming to the U.S. these days.

Starting a Family or Reuniting with Relatives

The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1968 introduced the principle of family reunification, which has undoubtedly strengthened the fabric of American society. Family-based immigration, which was derided as “chain migration” during the Trump era, is the number one reason foreigners end up residing in the U.S., and this includes the K-1 visas for fiancés and fiancées who intend to marry American citizens.

Prestigious Education

College degrees from American institutions are valued around the world, particularly in fields such as business administration, medicine, and engineering. In some cases, U.S. universities offer unique programs that aren’t available elsewhere, especially at the graduate level. For example, a Harvard MBA can open doors in the field of finance at many investment banking and consultancy firms that operate on a global level.

Work Opportunities

From 2016 to 2018, the arrival of foreign workers in the U.S. outpaced the arrival of immigrant relatives and foreign students. When we look at the expansion of the American economy prior to the coronavirus pandemic, this historical trend makes sense. In times of high unemployment, this figure tends to be lower. The U.S. labor shortage experienced in 2021 will likely increase the levels of employment-based immigration over the next few years.

Fleeing Desperate Situations

Armed conflict, political instability, displacement, and extreme poverty are the main reasons people leave their homelands in haste. The U.S. is one of many countries that provide asylum and refuge to foreigners fleeing violence, persecution, and desperation. Unfortunately, unintended consequences of the U.S. “War on Drugs” in Central America have resulted in a mass exodus of people from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. The abrupt end of the war in Afghanistan in 2021 resulted in the U.S. having a moral obligation to provide refuge to thousands of Afghans who had collaborated with American military personnel.

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