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Common Questions Asked in a Marriage-Based Green Card Interview

When a foreigner marries a U.S. citizen, there are some potential legal issues that may arise. For most married couples seeking adjustment of immigration status into permanent residency, the prospect of an interview before a case adjudicator is cause for concern.

Immigration interviews are conducted mostly to confirm all paperwork is in order and that the spouses did not enter into a fraudulent marriage. To this effect, case adjudicators ask questions of a personal nature at these interviews, which immigration attorneys are allowed to attend. In fact, the presence of immigration lawyers at these interviews is the reason the legal community has learned about a few questions that may be posed to both spouses at once or separately if there is a suspicion of a sham marriage. Some of the most common questions include:

* How does your husband/wife like his/her coffee?

* Where did you decide to meet for your first date?

* Who is the primary breadwinner of your household?

* What did you have for breakfast?

* How often are you apart from each other?

* What are the names of your in-laws?

* What color is the shower curtain?

* Who gets to sleep on the right side of the bed? 

* Who usually wakes up first in the morning?

The questions above are asked for the purpose of establishing concordance. Should there be no accord, the case adjudicator may suspect fraud and split the couple for the purpose of individual interviews. At this point, the adjudicator may turn a bit aggressive and inquisitive as the line of questioning intensifies. Here are a few examples of more intense questions:

* Whose idea was it to get married?

* Do you really live together?

* Why are you nervous?

* Why did you get married so quickly?

* Why don’t you remember your second date? That is not what your wife/husband told my partner.

* Are you paying your wife/husband off to play along?

USCIS interviewers may also ask some uncomfortable questions related to birth control and intimacy, or they may become overly pushy. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a San Diego immigration lawyer present. Call the immigration law experts at KS Visa Law at 858-874-0711, and we’d be happy to assist you before, during, and after the green card interview process.

July 2024