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What Should You Do If Your Green Card Is Lost or Stolen?

If your green card is stolen, lost, or damaged to the point that it can no longer establish your identity or legal status, you will need to start the replacement process as soon as possible. Given the sentiments toward immigration in the Trump administration, it is in your best interest to replace your card quickly.

If a San Diego, CA, immigration lawyer is handling your case, you should notify the office of the loss. The application to replace a green card, Form I-90, can be filed electronically by your attorney on your behalf. Otherwise, it can also be submitted as a paper form. You can also file online, but you may have to open an account with the USCIS if you have not previously done so.

The green card replacement fee is $455 as of December 2016. You will need to submit a new set of fingerprints, which will cost $85. If you cannot afford to pay for the filing fees, you may qualify for a waiver by means of submitting a Form I-192 at the same time you file the Form I-90. This waiver request must be accompanied by a written statement as well as information about your finances such as bank and credit card accounts.

You may also want to contact the major credit bureaus or sign up for a credit monitoring service in case your card and personal information were stolen for identity theft purposes.

Should your conditional green card be lost after you filed a Form I-751 petition to become a permanent resident, an immigration attorney may be able to explain your situation if you are called up for an interview by USCIS officials. The goal in this case would be to allow you to wait a short time before your permanent green card arrives. It is important to remember that if your card is lost or stolen outside of the United States, you must immediately contact the American Consulate. 

It’s important to keep your green card safe if you plan to become a naturalized citizen. Learn about the steps you need to take during the naturalization process and other important things you need to know to obtain your citizenship by reaching out to KS Visa Law today. Give us a call at 858-874-0711 to schedule an appointment.

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