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Could Immigration Reform Lead to Impeachment for President Obama?

President Barack Obama will always be remembered for accomplishing quite a few things under his two consecutive terms in the White House, but some political observers believe that his next major accomplishment could be his last. In late July of 2014, President Obama made it clear that he intends to exercise his executive powers to force the enactment of the Senate-backed proposal for comprehensive immigration reform.

Although both the White House and the Senate have given strong support to immigration reform, the House of Representatives have not ironed their political differences. The Senate proposal has been around since President Obama’s first term in office, and it did not meet too much initial opposition. However, things changed when the bill hit the House of Representatives, where a strong political divide developed early on.

As with various other initiatives backed by the White House, President Obama has vowed to attach an Executive Decision to make immigration reform a reality by the end of summer. Nonetheless, should this determination become reality, there is a chance that President Obama could face impeachment proceedings for the alleged abuse of executive action.

Rumors of a possible impeachment are not new; even House Majority Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has played with the idea of filing a judicial lawsuit that will suggest impeachment should President Obama push forward with his idea of single-handedly approving the Senate proposal on immigration. What would happen is that Republican House Representatives, who represent a political party that is quickly losing ground to the Democrat, Libertarian and Tea Parties, would probably feel slighted by President Obama’s executive action and will push for impeachment.

The possible impeachment is not merely a Republican fantasy: a senior White House presidential advisor told the Christian Science Monitor that his office is bracing for lawsuits and impeachment fights.

Should President Obama take his own high road and force immigration reform to pass, many undocumented immigrants will be able to set aside their deportation fears and obtain legal status. They may even be able to travel, visit their families, and sponsor their immediate relatives to join them in the U.S. In the White House and in Congress, however, a major political fight could ensue.

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