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How the Republican Party Wants to Handle Immigration

As San Diego immigration lawyers, we’ve been following recent immigration news and it appears that immigration reform may end up benefiting more than just undocumented immigrants and foreigners who wish to reside in the United States. The sizable legislative proposal has become a politically-charged issue that might be precisely what the Republicans in Congress need to prove to their constituency that the Grand Ole Party (GOP) is still relevant and capable of working together.

Even though the comprehensive immigration reform proposal started as a bipartisan project, the Senate Gang of Eight knew that getting it past the House GOP was not going to be easy. One of the problems in this regard is that the Republican Party is in shambles after many years of setbacks and questionable leadership. The initial reaction by the House GOP to immigration reform was to emphatically deny it on the basis that it enjoyed White House support. Even from an ideological point of view, this move reflected poorly on the GOP.

House Republicans are now actively engaged in discussing immigration reform, and they are actually looking like a mature political party while doing so. This is what the Gang of Eight wanted: meaningful debate on a very important issue and it seems that the 2014 House GOP is ready to embrace some measures of immigration reform and propose others. Their constituents are pleased to see them working together as a party once again.

Some of the GOP immigration principles emerging at this time include a possible softening of their stance on border security. Illegal employment immigration in San Diego from Mexico is at an all-time low now, so there is no need to pour billions into this issue. Republicans used to fear that immigrants helped by reform will automatically become Democratic voters in the future, but now they see that this may not necessarily be the case. They are also paying attention to economic figures that show 20 percent of small business owners are immigrants; this is an important fact in terms of potential votes.

In the end, House Republicans know that immigration reform is practically in their hands. They also know that this is their moment to get back on the good graces of their constituents, which will hopefully result in the passing of the proposal.

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May 2024