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Immigrant Visa Processing Forms Update

Beginning next week, on September 3, 2013, the Department of State (DOS) will fully transition to an online immigrant visa application. This will apply to aliens applying for immigrant visas at consulates (via the NVC) based on family or employment preferences. Immigrant visa applicants will apply online using Form DS-260 Application for Immigrant Visa. This …Read More

2,300 Incorrect Conditional Permanent Residence Cards Sent Out

USCIS recently announced that approximately 2,300 conditional permanent residence cards were issued with incorrect expiration dates. USCIS is attempting to rectify this by sending emails to the aliens to provide them with instructions on obtaining a replacement card. USCIS provided the following details regarding this situation: Between July 22 and August 8, 2013, USCIS issued …Read More

Telephone Scams

Recently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has informed attorneys that a new telephone scam started. It targets USCIS applicants and petitioners. Scammers are using a technique called “Caller ID spoofing” to display a misleading or inaccurate phone number in a recipient’s Caller ID. The scammer poses as a USCIS official and requests personal …Read More

What do the DREAM 9 have in mind?

Those who willfully commit acts of civil disobedience often push the envelope with a clear purpose in mind: to call on members of society to take a hard look at their moral compass. Such is the case of the Dream 9, a group of nine undocumented immigrants turned activists. The Dream 9 are all adults …Read More

Immigration Checkpoints in the United States Get a Second Look

Residents of border towns such as Temecula and Oceanside in California, as well as Yuma and Nogales in Arizona, are familiar with United States Border Patrol officers setting up checkpoints and roadblocks to stop and search all vehicles for the presence of undocumented immigrants. If you are in need of a San Diego immigration lawyer, …Read More

Special Relationship between San Diego and Tijuana on Matters of Trade and Security

Increased security along the southern border with Mexico is one of the compromises of immigration reform in the United States. For the cities of San Diego and Tijuana, however, greater security would reverse years of mutual collaboration in terms of economic development, security and trade. A strategic partnership with Tijuana and other cities in Mexico …Read More

Notario Fraud: Don’t Let It Happen To You

Ever since comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) became a serious, bipartisan effort by the United States Congress to normalize the status of millions of undocumented immigrants and improve their quality of life, notario fraud has been on the rise. What is Notario Fraud? Notario fraud is a catch-all term to describe the nefarious practice of deceptive …Read More

Tourist and Artist Visas for the San Diego Comic-Con 2013

The San Diego Comic-Con International has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a convention for comic book collectors in California in the 1970s. Comic-Con is now considered a premier event for pop culture fans and the entertainment industry. Close to 150,000 attendees are expected at the San Diego Convention Center this year, …Read More

Same Sex Marriage (DOMA) and Its Effect on Immigration

June 2013 will always be remembered as a momentous period for in the judicial and legislative history of the United States. This month saw the passing of the comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill as well as the invalidation of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by the U.S. Supreme Court. The passing of CIR and …Read More

Thousands Celebrate Independence Day by Becoming American Citizens

On July Fourth, we celebrate our independence with patriotic parades, barbecues, carnivals, concerts, fireworks and more. However, for thousands of individuals across the nation, this Fourth of July will be one unlike any other; it will be the first Fourth of July in which they are able to celebrate as an American citizen. This past …Read More

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